Krispy Kreme and Honeysuckle.


I always love visiting my parent’s house. This morning my mom texted me at 8 AM saying, “GO GET DONUTS!” And of course, the hot-light was on, so how could I not? We ate donuts, watched “Drop Dead Diva” (addicted), and played with my niece, Hallie Lynne. (Is there anything better than a messy haired baby just waking up from a nap?)

Mom’s backyard smells so sweet. Their fence is covered in honeysuckle and ivy. Absolutely breathtaking.
{I love the south.}

I am seriously so happy with life right now. Sure, there are things I’d change, add or get rid of. But I’m SO loving the now. Early, early this morning, after I saw David off to work, I sat out on the porch with the iPad and found this gem of a picture:


It definitely hit the spot. I’ve read quotes like this MANY times! But it never really clicked. As much as I love the whole “enjoy the moment” stuff, I really am bad at being present in my life. I always have a plan or an idea rolling around in my head.
I’ll be happy when we make more money.
I’ll be happy when the house is clean.
When my list is checked off.
This weekend.
When I’m off work.

etc…etc. etc…

Then I miss out on being happy now.
On enjoying now.

If the Lord wills for me to have a long life then I have quite the journey before I reach my destination. If I’m not savoring and enjoying every step then when can I start to be happy?