discovering minimalism.

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Lately I’ve been on such a minimalist kick. I’ve been watching some documentaries on materialism and it makes me sick to my stomach. I just sent my sister THIS, THIS and THIS – watching those videos makes me want to go completely opposite of the modern culture’s materialism and hoarding. And don’t get me started on healthy eating and the “slow life” movement! Even though I’m very interested in these topics, I really don’t know much about them, so I thought we might go on this journey together and discover minimalism.

Some of the topics we’ll explore:

Self Sufficiency.
Simple Living.
Creating and Keeping a Capsule Wardrobe.
Creating Margin.
Eliminating Waste.
Recycle. Reuse.
Slow life.
Slow Church.
Living Outside.
Essential Oils.
Healthy eating.
Preserving and canning.
Making from scratch.
Emergency Preparedness.
Single tasking.
Choosing handmade.
Choosing local.
Loving home.