Thankful {2014}


Thankful for him… ^^ Obvs.

^^Thankful for these people…amazing family. Seriously. Amazing.

^^And thankful for these people…beloved friends {so many that aren’t even in this picture!}.

These three pictures make my heart OVERFLOW. 

– Thankful for our little home, warm and cozy.

– Thankful for a space heater…to make our lil’ old house actually warm.

– Thankful for Christmas music that I started listening to as soon as it came on the radio. Hashtag shameless.

– Thankful for Jesus Christ, His Word and His Church. Without Him, I am nothing.

– Thankful for my second cup of coffee today.

– Thankful for homemade cinnamon rolls.

– Thankful for America. Thankful for freedom. Thankful for the prosperity this nation has been blessed with.

– Thankful for the beautiful possibilities of the future.

– Thankful for sweet moments and sweet days that while you’re in them may not look like much, but if you take a breath and look around, you realize how insanely blessed you are and how happy you can’t help but be.

What are you thankful for?