{Discovering Minimalism} Live Local.

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Last night brother and I walked around downtown Burlington at dusk, taking pictures and being generally awesome.

unnamed (6)Our train station.

unnamed (4)Our theater.

unnamed (5)Diner.
unnamed (3)Christmas lights.
We got coffee at the Co-Op.
And as we drove home, we noticed a live drive-through nativity at a local church. So of course we stopped and checked it out.
This is the sweet life, friends.

As small as my little town is, I love it. The people aren’t specifically cultured, the nightlife ends around 6:30 and 90% of the establishments are “cash only” – but this place is ours.
One of the lifestyles I especially love within the “wellness culture” is the locavore movement. The concept of “eating local” means only eating and purchasing foods that were grown and/or created within a 100 mile radius from your home. {I definitely don’t do this all the time, I wish I did!} People’s reasons for doing this usually varies. From my research (Pinterest baby!) a couple reasons I found included: reducing carbon footprint, better quality produce (since you’re forced to eat seasonally, and seasonally always tastes best) and the confidence of being able to know where your food comes from.
I definitely agree with those things, but I want to go further…

I don’t only want to eat local – I want to live local.

– When I go out to eat, I want to go to a restaurant owned by one of my neighbors.
– When I shop for stocking stuffers, I want to buy homemade pepper jelly from someone at my church and a beanie made by one of my friends.
– When I am looking for some weekend fun, I want to research my town’s downtown events and go to the Christmas festival, check out the lights at the City Park or go listen to a local band.
– Looking for beer or wine? Something about buying local brands just tastes better. And you know what it tastes like? Community.
– When I need some fellowship I want to invite my friends and family into our small home for a simple meal, some of that local beer and lots of laughs.
– Looking for a venue? Look no further then your surroundings. I was married in our Downtown Historic Depot, no more then 5 minutes from my house. Now I get to see that place almost every day, the sweet memories flooding back to me.

It’s a community thing. By living local, you’re supporting the local artists, farmers, musicians, salespersons and chefs – those people who are trying to make this place a little better. You are enriching your surroundings.

Yes, we have the totally hipster Saxapahaw and downtown Durham within 100 miles – but I want to cultivate my town. Burlington is definitely not perfect, but that doesn’t mean I just give up on it. If more people supported their local community, then that community is only going to get better and better.

So next time you make an effort to eat locally, don’t forget to live locally as well.

{For more fun locavore information and inspiration check out my pinterest board: Locavore.}

P.S. this doesn’t mean I’m a hermit that doesn’t like to travel. I love to travel. But believe me, there’s no place like home!

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  1. Great thoughts that I wholeheartedly agree with. I’ve lived in Downtown Burlington since early 2001 and love calling it home. Love the changes being made to make it more livable and fun to be in. Please share this blog with the Downtown Burlington Corp. & We Are Downtown!

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