summer uniform – 2015

Thanks to the amazing Cup of Jo, I am obsessed with the style uniform. It’s like a capsule wardrobe – simplified. Imagine waking up and always having a general idea of what you want to wear. It’s like a signature scent in clothing form.
For me, since I work in an office and have to dress up every day, I want a uniform that is ultra comfy yet polished. Something with attitude and something I can still play in. And also something modest, that I can feel comfortable in. I’ve browsed around for some 2015 trends, and I’m liking what I see (70’s vibe baby!), now I just need to get it in my closet!

Here are the three that I’m choosing from. Oh and shout out to H&M for having good deals on some comfy basics. And thanks to Target for having some fantastic Birks knock offs that I’ll definitely buy because I’m not made of money. xo.

summer uniform #1
denim overalls + loose stripe tee + birks

Summer Uniform #1

Summer Uniform #1 by elisa-m

White tee

Birkenstock flat shoes

summer uniform #2
joggers + soft tee + bensimon flats

Summer Uniform #2

Summer Uniform #2 by elisa-m featuring H&M

H&M activewear pants
$37 –

Bensimon lace up shoes

summer uniform #3
stripe t-shirt dress + birks + shades

Summer Uniform #3

H m dress
$30 –

Illesteva sunglasses

Whats your 2015 summer uniform?