life lately…


We’ve moved into a beautiful new rental and couldn’t be happier about it. We painted the walls gray and hung some of my old thrift store finds and call it home. I’ll put up a full tour soon :) 


Summer is here and it’s hot as bugs. We’ve beaten the heat with some shaved ice and lots of vanilla coke. I’m ready for fall – scarves, jackets, cozy knit sweaters – mmm!


Going summer places…


Eating summer things…


Staying in the A/C and crafting! Today I spray painted lots of beautiful wooden beads, lacing them onto some gorgeous scrap leather cords to make necklaces. Coming soon to my etsy shop!

This has been such an emotional time for me. Maybe it’s because I’m almost 24, but my heart is just s e a r c h i n g.

Trying to learn and discover and decide. To grow in the Lord and strengthen my beliefs. So ready for this journey!