Ask Yourself…

I’ve been creeping away to Barnes and Noble for hours at a time to read a new book that I’m obsessed with ReThink: The Way You Live by Amanda Talbot. Yesterday I finally finished it.

So eye opening. Talbot questioned design and made it real, tangible and comforting. I highly recommend the book. I especially appreciated her methods for creating a home specific and personalized – something I’ve gotten away from:

We love a good netflix binge, but we hate our sofa.
We love to have outdoor get-togethers but our porch and yard are a disorganized mess.
We love a good warm bath, but the tub is almost always dirty.

Why am I not making our home a place that accurately reflects our family’s rhythms?

A couple questions to get you thinking…

Where do you congregate in your home? Where do you spend most of your time? When I asked myself this question I realized that David and I have a routine, coffee, work, dinner, couch, bed…So why not make these rituals all the more precious and beautiful?

What do you love? We love coffee and food. We love full plates and a kitchen full of people. We love board games and movie night. Our home needs to reflect these things.

Who lives here? David and I are laborers, I own a cleaning business and he has just recently started his own carpentry and landscaping company – we work hard with our bodies, feet and muscles. When we come home we need rest. Our home needs to reflect that.

Being business owners we also have a lot of office-details to handle every day, meaning we need a place to organize, schedule and plan. Our home needs to reflect that.

Easy simple clean up. Low maintenance. We’ve already been working all day, we don’t want to come home to more cleaning and mowing. Our home needs to reflect that.

We desire a life that is natural, healthy. Clean. Not smelling of the garbage can and a banana peel that was left out over night. Instead, a place of refresh. Our home needs to reflect that.

We need to be inspired daily  – to work harder, be better and to strengthen our businesses and ourselves. Our home needs to reflect that.

We need a time of calming, a place to disconnect and tune out. Our home needs to reflect that.

Talbot encourages her readers to design a space to work with the family’s rituals, rhythms and routines. What are your rituals? What is the rhythm that you follow every day without thought? I’d like to encourage you to make your space (a bedroom, an apartment, a house) reflect you and your needs – not the latest greatest trends. How can you make your home a precious space for your family this week?