5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter Blues are totally real life, guys. No sunshine, the gray, dreary weather, the lack of vitamin D – they can all take their toll when the winter is long.

If you feel down or anxious due to the weather, here are a few easy tips and tricks to combat those winter blues:

  1. Clean up. Being inside all day means that the house can get messy fast. Take a quick tour of your home, pick up any clutter, straighten the pillows, wash the dishes and give your dining room table a quick wipe down. Last, light a candle and watch it flicker for a second. Be in that moment. Take a few breaths.
  2. Turn on some happy tunes. Music really can change your mood. Keep it up beat or relaxing. Something to bring peace to your home and to your day.
  3.  Have a cup of tea. Make your favorite kind (maybe even a health or de-stress tea!) and then take a beat to sit in a comfy spot and two hand sip the entire thing. Thing of it as meditation.
  4. Go for a walk. Yes, outside is miserable, but bundle up and go out there anyway. If nothing else, the cold elements will make your home feel cozier.
  5. Get social. Meet someone for lunch or coffee. Face-time your bestie. Call your mom. Talking with someone will make you feel less isolated, like maybe the walls aren’t closing in after all.

Try these tips all together and maybe, just maybe you’ll remember that winter won’t last forever, spring will come and one day you’ll see the sun again. Oh and listen to this.

** P.S. If you feel like your depression is more then just “seasonal blues”, please see a doctor.**