DIY: painted spoons

When David and I were first married (almost three years ago) my sister and I bought matching sets of bamboo spoons for me to paint for us. They have seriously been hanging over my head for three years! So now, my family is going to visit my sister in London and I’m going to have these painted spoons in my suitcase! They were so super easy and fun to make. Next I’m going to do some for myself!

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Use jars or glasses to keep spoons upright. This way the handles can dry (obvi).

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I used a multi-surface satin acrylic paint. It was quick drying and touted “easy clean up” (I think I got each color for like a dollar at Wal-Mart). I don’t keep a lot of disposable plates around (I try to be anti-waste) so I used the lid to one of my pyrex containers. It seriously came off so so easily so no worries. I also used a small paintbrush I had around the house.


In process…It took about 2-3 coats (the lighter colors took more coats) to get the spoons covered.

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I then used a little painters tape to tape off the ends to paint with a sealant. Hopefully this will keep the paint from chipping. These are definitely not dishwasher safe. Also, don’t stir anything with the handle (as if any of us do that buuut disclaimer) unless you use all food-grade paints.

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This is the sealant I used. ^^

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All done! Now every time my sister reaches for a spoon she get’s a cheerful color to accompany it. love.

Literally so easy and so so cute. If you decide to do this yourself, I’d love to see a picture of the finished product!


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