My Coachella.

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Definitely not Coachella. But still fun.
I really couldn’t tell you exactly what the event was…we were in a golf course in Pinehurst. There was a car show. The Commodores played.

It was seriously way fun, though. We got to pretend that we were rich, middle aged entrepreneurs for the evening.

My husband and his friend Jesse were helping out with the event all day, and Koehna (Jesse’s fiancee) and I drove over in the evening to support them. We had a great drive (Koehna bought me a sandwich from our local Co-op and it was amazing) and had just enough time to grab a beer and sit down before the band started.

The Commodores are the band who sings “Brick House” – if you didn’t know. They also sing a lot of other songs that many of the “older adults” around me knew all the words to but I had never heard before. Those guys on stage could get it though! Wow. They were fun to watch. Their last song was “Brick House” – of course – and Koehna and I ran to the front and danced, laughed and “felt young again” with a bunch of 50 year olds. It was one-in-a-lifetime! And no, when one of the Commodores came to the end of the stage to give T-shirts to the women who were indeed, “Brick Houses” – we were not selected. Ce la vie. Maybe next time. (I blame it on the fact that I was wearing my glasses and David’s baseball cap.)

This man was my highlight – his perfect afro and even more perfect dance moves. At the end of the night he grabbed his chairs and danced away down the sidewalk. Amazing.

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Overall a great evening – and some good times!