Thankful {2014}


Thankful for him… ^^ Obvs.

^^Thankful for these people…amazing family. Seriously. Amazing.

^^And thankful for these people…beloved friends {so many that aren’t even in this picture!}.

These three pictures make my heart OVERFLOW. 

– Thankful for our little home, warm and cozy.

– Thankful for a space heater…to make our lil’ old house actually warm.

– Thankful for Christmas music that I started listening to as soon as it came on the radio. Hashtag shameless.

– Thankful for Jesus Christ, His Word and His Church. Without Him, I am nothing.

– Thankful for my second cup of coffee today.

– Thankful for homemade cinnamon rolls.

– Thankful for America. Thankful for freedom. Thankful for the prosperity this nation has been blessed with.

– Thankful for the beautiful possibilities of the future.

– Thankful for sweet moments and sweet days that while you’re in them may not look like much, but if you take a breath and look around, you realize how insanely blessed you are and how happy you can’t help but be.

What are you thankful for?

Autumn 2014 – Capsule Wardrobe.

{Let me just begin by saying that I’m listening to THIS song…and you should too. Plus, it goes with the picture below…it’s a shot from our engagement session this time last year}

Ok people! It’s autumn-time.


I’ve been spending some time on Pinterest lately deciding what to put in my autumn2014 capsule wardrobe.
[The items I’ve italicized are items that I already have in my wardrobe.
Items in bold are the ones that I’ve purchased so far.]

– Stylish white, black and grey tees.
(I got these from Forever21 for $3.80 EACH and they are perfect!)

– Stylish white, black and gray tanks.

– White button-up (I might not…it seems like EVERY capsule wardrobe has a white button-up, but I never wear them…)

– Patterned button-up

– Flannel

– Black turtleneck

– 2 chunky pull-overs
(These are two that I had from last year…I still plan to check out the ole Goodwill to see if I can find replacements for a nice change. Wool knits are on trend this season, so I’ll see if I can find something along those lines)

– 2 Cardigans.

– Skinny Jeans

– High waisted flares (Like THESE – drool)

– Flats (I’m looking for velvet or suede, jewel tone or leopard. Warm but not at all chunky.)

– Heels.

– Short booties (Like THESE).

– Riding boots.

– Warm, winter boots (Kind of like THESE).


– Leather Bomber Jacket (Like THIS).

– Military Jacket (Like THIS or THIS).

– Pea-coat.

– Leopard or skull scarf, light and flowy (See THIS for inspiration).

– Colorful scarf .

– Warm Scarf.

– 2 Perfect Dresses (A-line is on trend right now).

– Pencil or A-line skirt.

– Longer, high-waisted skirt (something in a fabric that I can wear with tights)

– Gold watch (DREAM)

Diamond Studs
(Found at Target for $5!)

Pearl Studs
(Found at Target for $5!)

– Cute, warm hat

So we are at 36 things. {Give or take…I’m sure I’ll add a little more}

I’ll try to keep you updated on what I purchase and eventually I’ll post a Project333 revamp for autumn. I’m basically a piece of ice right now (and it’s only like 45 degrees outside)…so these warm fall clothes need to be here SOON.

Hello Fall :)

My favorite things about fall…

(in pictures)

1. Crispy, crunch leaves. The way they make the landscapes BURST with color. The way they look as the wind blows hoards of them off of the trees and only the withering grass.

2. Pumpkins!

You can ask anyone in my family, I’m a pumpkin lover all year round. Pumpkin spice latte? I’m for it.

There’s even a creek nearby that we pass over on the highway, makes me smile every time I see it :)

3. Acorns. When I was little I gathered them and drew faces on them. They became little hat-wearing people with no bodies. Much better than just seeds.

Although, little baby oak trees is good too.

4. Hot tea. And tea parties. But in the fall, tea and hot chocolate and such belongs in thick, comfy mugs. Something to curl up under an afghan with.

5. Sweaters :)

I have been totally enjoying pulling my sweaters out of hiding. Makes me happy.

6. Trick-or-treaters.

I’m in the mood for a cosutume party. Complete with lots of this stuff: my number 6….

(+plus candy pumpkins, which are boyfriend’s favorite…so they must be included)

Creepy…ok, so let’s just add one more…

7. Haunted Houses.


Oh and P.S.
8. Hayrides.
9. Snuggling under comforters.
10. Flannel PJ pants.
11. Hoodies.
12. etc.