One Year.

photo 4 (8)
On Sunday, husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary. OH what an amazing year it has been with this man. We decided to just have a chill weekend, spending every moment together, give each other gifts and eat lots of delicious food. Mission accomplished.

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Friday night was a work party for the company where David works. We got to dress up, have yummy drinks and spend the night at the hotel. It was wonderful to wake up in that king size bed and walk to breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. That afternoon, we parted ways to buy each other presents. We both had struggles, I thought I did a good job buying David a gift card for a massage and 2 nerf guns (plus a nerf battle immediately upon opening the gift) but David absolutely won the gift-giving prize by ordering these beauties…

photo 2 (12)
Husband sure has good taste.

We had dinner at Olive Garden, then headed home, stuffed and happy for some cuddling and Netflix binge watching.

photo 5 (6)
Sunday, our actual anniversary – In honor of our very first date, we ate at Chili’s (classy). We ate so much junk food that I eventually asked husband to buy some oranges so I could have healthiness in my body. Good grief. We window shopped at Target (Dave found a vacuum he’s obsessed with) and headed home with some twinkle lights and hershey’s kisses. A friend of ours let us borrow his ENTIRE collection of Harry Potter movies, so David and I spent the rest of Sunday, plus almost all of Monday, binge watching Harry Potter, snacking constantly and telling each other how much we love one another in true {barely still} newlywed fashion. It was great :)

Happy Anniversary, Dave.
Thanks for being my best friend.


Hello Fall :)

My favorite things about fall…

(in pictures)

1. Crispy, crunch leaves. The way they make the landscapes BURST with color. The way they look as the wind blows hoards of them off of the trees and only the withering grass.

2. Pumpkins!

You can ask anyone in my family, I’m a pumpkin lover all year round. Pumpkin spice latte? I’m for it.

There’s even a creek nearby that we pass over on the highway, makes me smile every time I see it :)

3. Acorns. When I was little I gathered them and drew faces on them. They became little hat-wearing people with no bodies. Much better than just seeds.

Although, little baby oak trees is good too.

4. Hot tea. And tea parties. But in the fall, tea and hot chocolate and such belongs in thick, comfy mugs. Something to curl up under an afghan with.

5. Sweaters :)

I have been totally enjoying pulling my sweaters out of hiding. Makes me happy.

6. Trick-or-treaters.

I’m in the mood for a cosutume party. Complete with lots of this stuff: my number 6….

(+plus candy pumpkins, which are boyfriend’s favorite…so they must be included)

Creepy…ok, so let’s just add one more…

7. Haunted Houses.


Oh and P.S.
8. Hayrides.
9. Snuggling under comforters.
10. Flannel PJ pants.
11. Hoodies.
12. etc.