Autumn 2014 – Capsule Wardrobe.

{Let me just begin by saying that I’m listening to THIS song…and you should too. Plus, it goes with the picture below…it’s a shot from our engagement session this time last year}

Ok people! It’s autumn-time.


I’ve been spending some time on Pinterest lately deciding what to put in my autumn2014 capsule wardrobe.
[The items I’ve italicized are items that I already have in my wardrobe.
Items in bold are the ones that I’ve purchased so far.]

– Stylish white, black and grey tees.
(I got these from Forever21 for $3.80 EACH and they are perfect!)

– Stylish white, black and gray tanks.

– White button-up (I might not…it seems like EVERY capsule wardrobe has a white button-up, but I never wear them…)

– Patterned button-up

– Flannel

– Black turtleneck

– 2 chunky pull-overs
(These are two that I had from last year…I still plan to check out the ole Goodwill to see if I can find replacements for a nice change. Wool knits are on trend this season, so I’ll see if I can find something along those lines)

– 2 Cardigans.

– Skinny Jeans

– High waisted flares (Like THESE – drool)

– Flats (I’m looking for velvet or suede, jewel tone or leopard. Warm but not at all chunky.)

– Heels.

– Short booties (Like THESE).

– Riding boots.

– Warm, winter boots (Kind of like THESE).


– Leather Bomber Jacket (Like THIS).

– Military Jacket (Like THIS or THIS).

– Pea-coat.

– Leopard or skull scarf, light and flowy (See THIS for inspiration).

– Colorful scarf .

– Warm Scarf.

– 2 Perfect Dresses (A-line is on trend right now).

– Pencil or A-line skirt.

– Longer, high-waisted skirt (something in a fabric that I can wear with tights)

– Gold watch (DREAM)

Diamond Studs
(Found at Target for $5!)

Pearl Studs
(Found at Target for $5!)

– Cute, warm hat

So we are at 36 things. {Give or take…I’m sure I’ll add a little more}

I’ll try to keep you updated on what I purchase and eventually I’ll post a Project333 revamp for autumn. I’m basically a piece of ice right now (and it’s only like 45 degrees outside)…so these warm fall clothes need to be here SOON.

{Project333} Day 3 – To church, tea in hand.

photo 1 (8)


Jacket – Forever 21, thrifted
Dress – thrifted
Shoes – I don’t remember…probably PayLess.
{You will soon find out that my clothes are VERY real and very…affordable}

Over the next couple weeks I will be posting some of my Project333 outfit combos. It’s definitely getting more difficult to create cute and unique outfits out of the same 33(ish) items! But I am loving the challenge. There’s a chill in the air, though…so I’m thinking that can only mean one thing – BRING OUT THE AUTUMN CLOTHES!!