I got my driver’s license!

I’m so relieved and excited.

Our (my mom and I’s) quest for the license began on Wednesday. We knew the Yanceyville DMV was closed because of budget cuts so instead we drove 30 minutes to Reidsville’s DMV. I checked the internet and found the address for the place, and even looked up directions. My mom and I, being slightly directionally challenged, took a while to find the place, and in the end it too was closed for good (thanks to good ole budget cuts). We were frustrated, but not defeated. We called my dad and he suggested we go about 20 minutes farther to the DMV in Eden. Once again, we hit the road, there were no DMV signs, so once again, it took a while to find the place. We went into the City Hall building to talk to the lady there, and in hearing of our troubles, she burst out laughing. We were not impressed. Through her laughter she told us that the only DMV open in the whole area was in Waynesboro (or something like that, we’ve never heard of the place) which was about 20 minutes away from Eden. We ended up going home disappointed and licesnse-less.

Thursday, we got up thinking we were going to get my license in Roxboro (30 minutse in the OTHER direction). Turns out my dad had some work to do and needed the van. No license this day either.

Finally, Friday morning my mom and I hop in the car and drive to Roxboro. We found the place easily (thanks to helpful signs) got a number and sat down. My number was called, but it turned out I needed a certain insurance paper which could be faxed from our insurance company. And, the guy said, don’t bother coming back till one because they had lunch break. Long story short, after my dad called the insurance company, the insurance company called the bigger company, and my dad calling the DMV guy, the papers were faxed. Everything went smooth as silk for a while, I took the test and passed, drove and passed, filled out all my forms, got registered to vote…then when it was time to pay, you’ll never guess, they don’t take debit. A 15 minute trip to the bank solved that, and my picture was taken and license made. *sigh* yay!

I drove home and dropped mom off, then went (all by myself!) to the grocery store to buy dinner and then for a quick drive around the countryside.


oh, and drivers beware a bit, I can be a bit oblivious at times… ;-)

this song makes me smile every time…

The first time I heard this version of Shady Grove I was in the car. the windows were open, sweet summer night breeze blowing in, and this music danced in my head, keeping perfect rhythm with the houses and barns flying by outside my window. so now I smile, and I savor, every time I hear it.

P.S. oh, and yes I love bluegrass, and country. go ahead and judge.