my hair…

Soooo…my mom and I dyed my hair tonight. a darker brown. I think I want it to be even darker eventually.
tomorrow I get it cut, and if I’m brave, I will be getting bangs.

Hopefully the turnout will look something like this:

and not this:

do I dare?

photographs and memories…

I found this in an old box of “special stuff”:

Me on the left, and my big sister Erin on the right.

Firstly, I miss her.

Secondly, I love these pictures. a lot. :)

This picture was taken when I was probably 7 or 8, making Erin probably about 16.

I loved it when she did my hair. With a mane of unruly curls from birth, it was a real treat to have my hair straightened, maybe with a bit curled out at the ends. One time in particular, Erin had just spent 30 minutes or so straightening my hair. When she finished, a huge rainstorm started blowing around outside, and I just had to get a taste of it. So I ran out to play, my sleek straightness quickly morphing into a pile of frizz.
Erin taught me how to bargain shop.
She taught me how to listen to my music: LOUD!
She encourages me with the Word.
Talkative. (she’s quiet at first, but don’t you believe it)

I am so thankful for my sisters :)

my very fist polaroid…

So, in joy and happiness, I found an old polaroid camera in our picture drawer. Through some digging around I also found a tad bit of film! So I tried it out.

Epic fail.

But I’m not discouraged. I was so excited to see this one develop from a blank page to a picture. I think I may have found a new obsession.

The camera itself is perched on my shelf…both it and I anticipating its next use.

this evening…

homemade pizza made me especially over-stuffed tonight.

so my brother tackled and tickled me until i almost threw up.

i’m going to miss you, brother.

and she’ll have fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes her t-bird away…

inspired by this blog, instead of filling my journal with all the things that go wrong in my life, i’ve decided to focus on all the amazingly, wonderful things that happened that day that make me so very happy.

since the day isn’t over yet, i’ll only list 5.

ok, for today so far, my 5 happy, sweet, amazing moments:

1. waking up in my orange room.
2. seeing a friend i haven’t seen in a while. i only got a wave in since we were driving by, but it still made me smile.
3. an amazing thunderstorm with lightening so powerful that i had to unplug my computer
4. the thought of homemade pizza tonight :)
5. when my brother got home and asked my mom, “where’s the kid?” in reference to me. oh, brother.


6. listening to the beach boys’, “Fun, fun, fun”. this songs reminds me of my me and my dad, lol. my poor father. i love him.

peace out.