little notes…

dear catherine,
thank you for being so utterly amazing :) i decided that spending time with you is one of my favorite things to do. the letter you wrote to me made me cry it was so sweet and encouraging. i love you, darlingest dear.

dear brother,
tomorrow you’re going to college. i’m going to miss driving in your ‘soccer mom car’ with guitar solos blaring. thank you for letting me mooch off of you when we go out to eat with our friends and i forget my money. and thank you for letting me listen to taylor swift over and over and over again whenever she comes on the radio. thank you for being the best brother ever. i love you. and i’m going to miss you mucho.

dear mom,
tomorrow brother goes. our team of three is getting broken up :'( we’re gonna need some mega starbucks and shopping (now that you’re getting to FINALLY be a shopohaulic like me) to make us feel better. oh, and taylor swift and sugarland. did i mention, i love you, and you’re my hero forever.

oh, and dear life,
even though sometimes you’re tough, i still love you.

the end.

a weekend of birthday celebrations…


Saturday began with a wonderful brunch. Some friends of ours had been praying every day for me, that God will reveal His plan for my life. They also shared some verses that God had revealed to them for me. What a blessing! These women are amazing examples of ladies living for Christ. After our prayer and chat time we sat down to what was supposed to be a brunch, but ended up being lunch, since we had talked for so long. I felt so loved. :)

Saturday evening I went to Catherine’s house. She is such a sweet hostess. She made fried chicken for dinner, since she knows how much I love it. Then we ate alfresco in her garden, since she knows how much I love THAT! She also made a delicious apple pie and brought it out with a candle to sing happy birthday to me. So sweet and thoughtful. After dinner we went horseback riding – bareback! Such an amazing experience. Catherine and I can certainly chat the hours away, she is such an encouragement to me, challenging me at the same time to live wholly for the Lord. An sensational evening, ending a perfect day!


Party time! A bunch of my crazy-fabulous friends came over for lunch and birthday cake. We jammed a bit and played some games. Off to the park for frisbee golf and then back home for pizza and movies. These people are amazing and soo so much fun, I love them. :)

We’ve spent most of this week working on decorating/organizing my dad’s survey office – so I’m pretty much in designer heaven.

Day after tomorrow is another party. woot! I’m kinda sorta addicted to having fun.

I’m so happy. :)

18 tomorrow…

With my birthday in less than an hour, I can’t help but pretend to feel older and wiser already. I’ll be 18. Graduated from highschool with my whole life ahead of me. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. It’s a little scary to think of it, at least for me it is. Life brings so many twists and turns, some unexpected, some you can plan for. But I’m ready for ’em. Ok, Adventures, here I come!

welcome to august…

According to the weather update, put on my computer by my ever-thoughtful father, its going to be 99 degrees on Sunday. To illustrate the immense heat, the weather update placed an image of an EXPLODING thermometer next to the temperature.
Thanks, weather update, for that encouraging visual.

Sounds like a perfect day to stay inside. :)

Me and one of my besties walking along the river. <3

I got a letter from the library today…

maybe they were lying…or kidding…

that’s probably it.

They were only kidding when they told me that I had 6 music CD’s that were overdue.

They must have lied about my…*ahem* $60 or more fine.

Yes, this is one trait of my mother’s (and sisters…both of ’em) that I would’ve preferred NOT to inherit.


Dear Jack Johnson, Sheryl Crowe, Beach Boys, Jim Croce, various Opera singers and Trace Atkins,

Were you worth it? I am starting to doubt it. You are all amazing – but for $60?! Excuse me while I save up for my library fine.

Love, your admiring fan, and greatest contributor to the library’s bank accounts,

P.S. Good news! I called the library and my fine is only $15. hooray! (heck, its still a lot, I know, but not nearly as much as I thought it would be.) ugh, me and my flaky self, lol.